How to change desktop background using resources

2021.09.28 12:43 RainbowIsRainbow How to change desktop background using resources

Hello, I am trying to set the desktop background using from resources, but it's not working at all, what it's doing is it's just setting the background to just all black. I have tried researching but they are not related to resources. I also tried using GetLastError(), but it doesn't report any errors at all. What functions should I use for SystemParametersInfo to change background with resources?

#include  #include  #include "resource.h" int main() { HRSRC lol = FindResource(NULL, MAKEINTRESOURCE(IDB_PNG1), L"PNG"); if (!lol) { std::cout << "Empty resource"; } else { HGLOBAL lol1 = LoadResource(NULL, lol); if (!lol1) { std::cout << "Empty resource"; } else { SystemParametersInfo(SPI_SETDESKWALLPAPER, NULL, lol1, SPIF_SENDCHANGE | SPIF_SENDWININICHANGE); } } } 
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2021.09.28 12:43 pulp63 Red Dead Physics

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2021.09.28 12:43 holylance98 Holly and Fred kissing

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2021.09.28 12:43 ginger-sencha-o0 34 and been overweight my whole life. Gastric bypass? Need advice!

So I'm sitting prediabetic now for a few years and I did keto to lose weight. It worked at first then stopped, then it's hard to stick too. I've been overweight my whole life. I can't get into the normal bmi range and that's with starving. I've paid my dues. I have been dieting for 20 years, had an eating disorder, recovered. I workout and eat well. Nothing changes. Just started metaformin and high dose tumeric. So I went to the weight loss clinic and they told me to eat less calories and workout harder. Or in six months we can talk about gastric bypass.
I don't actually believe I can be thin it's a foreign concept.
I can't believe I've tried so hard for years and am still overweight
If I don't lose weight I'm going to get diabetes and other things.
Gastric bypass means I won't have to necessarily diet or worry about crazy cravings.
Just need some advice PCOS has really done one on my life.
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2021.09.28 12:43 lastminute84 PIC

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2021.09.28 12:43 Dead-0303 So lucky. Also he is getting the last goal at the last second as a good chance…..

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2021.09.28 12:43 FutileCheese28 Hyundai Kona Elite vs Mazda CX3 Stouring vs Kia Stonic GT Line, best value for money?

I’ve done my research but haven’t gone to test drive them. I really like the safety feature on the Kona and most websites I’ve been are saying that the Kona is the best value for money but my partner says it’s ugly. In your opinion, which is the best value for money?
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2021.09.28 12:43 weirdo696969 How can I move out of my Mom’s house without a decent paying job and no college?

I used to work as a conduit digger working 60-70 hours a week regularly and I lived with my cousin. After a year, I decided to move back with my mom. I also had to quit Xanax during that period.
Shortly after, my mom took full guardianship of me and I didn’t have a say in anything because I am autistic. She constantly threatens taking everything away because I want to work another job.
She is also a huge slob. When she cooks, she will force me to help her while I’m busy studying or on a zoom meeting. She would also leave huge messes and complain that I don’t pick it up within 3 hours afterwards. She basically only has one zoom meeting a day and doesn’t work otherwise.
A problem is that she got me social security which is ok; but she definitely shouldn’t be a guardian (I am a responsible 24M).
The thing that made me post this is from yesterday’s occurrence. I’ve been going through a lot. My best friend’s dad recently died, I lost all my hair in 3 months, I might have a parasitic infection and tons of mental health issues.
After telling her “hey, I had a really bad day. Can I have privacy?” She decided to start following me around (even in my private space) and called me incompetent to the point where I punched a hole in my room. Afterwards, she went into my room while I was naked and started recording me. That was the only time I’ve hit her because I was trying to swipe her phone away.
I am ready to move out. She model coddles me and treats me like I’m 5. I don’t have money or anything; but I’m considering being homeless
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2021.09.28 12:43 CyberNinja1920 nice, i.i... mean bad bot

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2021.09.28 12:43 diariess He’s this sub as a person… (I tried to upload the video but forgot they weren’t allowed)

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2021.09.28 12:43 Cilthy_Funt I wanted to so some gardening but the flowers are too high. (TSR)

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2021.09.28 12:43 Imaginary_Language_1 Lfg🔥🔥🔥

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2021.09.28 12:43 Johnnadawearsglasses #Stop anti-white hate

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2021.09.28 12:43 SenorBanner Stunning estates destroyed by lava. The HORRAH.

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2021.09.28 12:43 Unradt Some takes from a bi/pan guy

Since I have struggled with issues related to feeling insecurity about the size/shape of various Bodyparts, I would like to share my thoughts as a man who also enjoys dicks.😊
This is more specific to anal and more related to toys I used but I have to say the importance of length and girth is blown wayyyy out of proportion.
4 Inches length and girth actually more than enough for me. Seriously, I have had phantastic orgasms from just using my own fingers. And they are way smaller than the mentioned 4 inches.
And thats more than enough! 8 inches sounds cool, requires some effort and is takeable but and I wouldnt choose a boyfriend or girlfriend over another because there size is a certain way.
But I relate to the insecurity a lot, for me its porn and instagram that made me dislike my face, muscles, height and penissize some times.
Its easy to like other peoples bodies but I still got some trouble with accepting my own shapes and sizes. Good luck kind stranger, we are in this togehter and yes your 4,5 is long enough!😊
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2021.09.28 12:43 Kaos2018 We got em bois

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2021.09.28 12:43 gamiseki1977 Cruz Azul: Ojitos Meza reveló que un representante intentó sobornarlo cuando dirigía a La Máquina

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2021.09.28 12:43 AngryPheldagrif If you’re not suffering, are you really working?

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2021.09.28 12:43 EroSonderSensei J.Balvin Kiss 💋

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2021.09.28 12:43 Tessia0710 Where to read Medical Master - Chapter 0542 online for free!!

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2021.09.28 12:43 personababy OCTOBER is my month!

I am going to receive a lot of good news and good opportunities this OCTOBER 2021 💕
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2021.09.28 12:43 Dtrinnie 🐶 STEPDOG 👑 | Low Marketcap | Liquidity Lock | Liquidity Low

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