Can this Lenovo thinkpad a275 play genshin or apex

2021.09.28 13:23 kilopmanimo Can this Lenovo thinkpad a275 play genshin or apex

It has 8ram,120ssd , amd pro a10 9700b 7th gen and Radeon r7 graphics
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2021.09.28 13:23 Ryanopxd So guys can anyone tell atleast 2differences between equilateral and scalene triangle

Cna anyone tell 2differences between equilateral and scalene triangle
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2021.09.28 13:23 BooJitsu A little over 4 ounces of strawpicana cookies hash off 2500 grams of WPFF from my 3rd grow.

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2021.09.28 13:23 Every_Customer5552 🌓 Super Space X Token | Launch today | Elon Effect created our project | Dont miss it

🌓 Super SpaceX Token🌓
Introducing Super SpaceX
Website :
It is not only the internal currency for payment for services and the terminal.
But also an external source of funding.
As soon as Elon Musk announces to the whole world that the Internet is available to everyone, our coin will be a skyrocket.
We are at the stage of the evolution of the Internet.
The Internet in our time is the oxygen of development. It can do anything.
Elon Musk will provide access to the Internet from anywhere in the world.
By the end of 2021, the number of users will increase many times over.
In the United States, SpaceX has received permission to provide Internet access to only 1 million terminals, but is already working on obtaining a license for 5 million terminals.
🛰Symbol: $SPX
🛰TokenSupply: 1,000,000,000 (100%)
🛰Marketing and Development: 4,000,000,000 (4%)
🛰Redistribution To Holders: 5,000,000,000 (5%)
🛰 Auto burn: 50,000,000 (5%)
📈 Buy Tax - 6%
1% holders → 3% Marketing and Development → 2% Auto Burn
📈 Sell Tax - 6%
1% holders → 3% Marketing → 2% Auto burn
🔘 Verified contract
🔘 Lp lock for 12 Months
🔘 Ownership renounced
🔘 Dev Doxxed in Vc
🔘 Huge Marketing
🔐Team wallet lock for 12 months
🔒Liquidity Lock: BURN 100%🔥
💰 Contract: 0x74373c310f8ab577fea06958fb7d70d3a13d21c0
💰Pancakeswap :
💰Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.28 13:23 TootieTimeless Belhaven, MS - I. A. Metz House - by Emmett Hull

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2021.09.28 13:23 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 13:23 Wiola- It's monday again but I'm still rooting for all of you, hoping all of you will reach your weekly goals.

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2021.09.28 13:23 Kiba-Da-Wolf US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sues Activision-Blizzard

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2021.09.28 13:23 JS43362 Joseph Gannascoli (Vito) and the Talking Sopranos podcast

It's been discussed before, but having watched some recent episodes of the podcast, it's quite easy to detect the antagonism that Michael and (perhaps especially) Steve have towards Gannascoli.
Not so much by what is said but by what isn't said. With just about all actors in the series (including that small number who weren't very good) there is the "this character is played by actor X or Y, and they are great" type comments. Pretty much none of that when it comes to Gannascoli.
Fucking slander ask me.
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2021.09.28 13:23 Comprehensive-Bath57 Have a nice day!

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2021.09.28 13:23 DeathBringer1125 Cursed Forbidden Capri-sun (Part 2)

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2021.09.28 13:23 giantjack59 How should I spend my 5 HE driver tickets ? Both Pauline and Mario Hakama to level 4 ? Or Peach Vacation to level 4 to replace Baby Luigi ?

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2021.09.28 13:23 Odd-Ad-900 THE DAILY STONK! September 28, 2021 HEEEYYYYYY YOOOOOUUUU GUUUUYYYYSSS!!! I am a Goonie for Life!!!

THE DAILY STONK! September 28, 2021 HEEEYYYYYY YOOOOOUUUU GUUUUYYYYSSS!!! I am a Goonie for Life!!! stonky!
I am u/Odd-Ad-900 , your slightly unhinged news anchor for the day, and I am humbled to be here.
Feeling cute, might get fired from a volunteer job today... IDK?
Can you smell that? That's from me getting in trouble for using too many F-Bombs last week... I will try to be more PG13... but honestly, who the hamburger knows?
It smells like crayon tinted poo... Lets fling it!
God I love this job.
Insert the non-flaccid intro card
Sideways? Up? Going.... Down.... hm hm hm hm hm hmmm
Here at TDS, we have a team effort... you know its a group thang. Its got that funky swang... nevermind.
Big thanks to u/madsmatter our professional audio chimp. Check out his hit "Stonk Cast" and smash the updoot for that silverback.
I also want to thank the rest of the team, u/luma44, u/blazlyn, u/viviconsadventures, u/tokyorose and our very own u/dismal-jellyfish and now a song that shows my age... (clears throat)
"Without you, in my life"
"the news will surely die"
"If id reach out and touch my wife's boyfriend... (aggressive throat clearing and heavy breathing)
On to the NEWS!

Last week they decided to double the amount of Reverse Repo loans to individual members from $80B to $160B. This is significant because excess liquidity is BAD for banks and the value of the dollar. And here we are, again almost $1.3Trillion. This is can kicking at its finest... because taxpayers AROUND THE WORLD will pay up... not them.
In developing news: There seems to be a problem in the shipping sector and a major slow down in the supply chain...
Over 60 ships just chillin in the Pacific waiting to find out what the hell is going on... just like me... but I'm in a cornfield somewhere in Illinois.
Here is a news story that u/BroganBrainstorm shared yesterday. Thanks!!!
Port of LA
I mean, we all knew. All of us who were there watching the hearing knew they were lying... except the not a cat guy. What's his name again?
We all knew.
The Queen is here (bump bump bump) THE QUEEN IS HERE!!!
You know... there has been a little crime going around... it is AWESOME when it gets called out.
The Queen has Spoken!
Here is u/dlauer throwing down on Shitadel
No Robinhood Here!
So, Can anyone post the directions for this? Personally, I am an environmental ape... learning to be a finance ape, and not a computer ape. And I am an old ape at that.
vpn? The burger?
In all seriousness, this is seriousness. I could see this going POORLY for a lot of apes if we do not know exactly where our shares are.
Einstein was right... Again.
Einstein. That is all.
Here is a somewhat redacted copy of a post from Twither about Twither
twither deleted 25000 tweets
#kengriffenlied u/FatDanny404
Discussion 🦍 twither just deleted 25,000 twiths that had #kengriffenlied wtf is going on an why would they do that . its doesn't seen fair that when we try to bring something to light every single platform that has the power to shuts us down. its things like this that temper my resolve. but seriously why would twither do that, does kenny have pull there or is it just the execs at twitter stopping what they think is just a spammy hashtag? I've never seen them pull a hashtag before although im not a big twither user it seems weird. has anyone ever seen them do something like this before?

It is because Shitadel owns 5,000,000 sharesd of Twither...
(had to channel my inner Mike Tython)

Last week we heard from u/loopring about how there is NO POSSIBLE WAY our stonk would be involved... But the crumbs on the trail are titilating...

Anyone like to bite this bullet and share it with the news? You'd be a (fucking legend) if it hits my inbox or tags me...
pony up?
Computershare? Have you done it yet? If so, how many shares? Might set up a poll to get some stats going... IDK You probably should...
Not a lot of Evergrande news on the feed in the last couple days. I wonder what is happening... Anyone care to tag any of us in developing news, GO FOR IT!!! We will definitely tag you back in the news.
I really don't. This is not financial advice.

some boomers man...
Let us not forget who the big bads are
(and the rest of these fuchs)
Thanks for your morning poop time and reading this bullshit.
This is not financial advice. I am a slack jawed window licker and prefer grey crayons... sideways trading baby.
Remember: Ape do not fight Ape. We are all in this same basket of meme stocks together... so just be excellent to everyone!
As always, thank you to the real wrinklies out there. If it weren't for you, I would have paperhanded a long time ago.
u/Pharago (Today's The Day)
u/mr_boost (Ape News Network | Sign Guy)
u/Parsnip (German Market Guy | Diamantenhände)
u/gherkinit (Daily Technical Analysis)
u/DR7KE (scales Treasury Balance Guy scales)
u/pctracer (Reverse Repo Market Updater)
u/JTH1 (Floor Guy Stonkdate)
u/DeepFuckingValue (Not A Cat)
u/atobitt (DD)
u/Criand (DD)
u/peruvian_bull (DD addict)
u/rick_of_spades (banana legend)
Thank You
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2021.09.28 13:23 kneeskneeskneesknees Back to day 0

Recently I started trying to get rid of PMO addiction. I've known about the benefits of nofap for years now, but only actually started trying it around 2 months ago. Before then, iwas fapping around 2 times a day. Now, I'm doing it about twice a week. So this is a huge improvement for me and I feel much better about myself in general. However I wanna completely remove this addiction from my life, so these 3-5 day streaks are not nearly enough. I'm more or less just posting this as motivation for myself to do better than what I have been doing, coz I'm seriously fed up with how I feel after fapping
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2021.09.28 13:23 cbvv1992 🔥36% Price Drop – $12.00 Crayola Super Tips Marker Set, Washable Markers, 100 Count!!

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2021.09.28 13:23 editorsocial First Mina staking rewards received!

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2021.09.28 13:23 Grianstorm Adding "real" created players

I was planning on creating and subsequently adding a few of the promising players who aren't in Fifa 22 (like Kvaratskhelia/Patino etc), and adding them to similar level sides that they play for irl so that they're able to be used in CM. However I've recently found out that in previous Fifas all created players get 99 potential (why???). It would be pretty unrealistic to have all of these players in the high 90's after a few seasons. Anyone know if this is still the case? Or if there's a workaround? Is it even worth my time making these players?
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2021.09.28 13:23 FloydknightArt Lemme just make a crafting table real quick

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2021.09.28 13:23 undue-influence How to Bake a Human Tragedy

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2021.09.28 13:23 Ok_Statistician_Bot Scarlett Johansson

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2021.09.28 13:23 Tarrabyte__ What is a story in which you thought, "you had it coming" about a person you know?

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2021.09.28 13:23 Stunning-Mountain392 💥Welcome to! First decentralized and strategic online-board game! 💥 1

What is Moonpoly?🤔
MOONPOLY First-economical decentralized and strategic online-board game for 2-6 Players includes many modern and hot trends such as NFT, Marketplace, Play, Collect, Create & Earn. will allow people to not only earn money, but also closely get acquainted with the economic situation in the world, in addition, you will be able to develop the skill of assessing the risks of your investments. Now, the project is in the stage of searching for supply and demand, which in turn implies finding and attracting more popularity among people who are interested in and want to invest in cryptocurrency
2) Why you can Trust us?💯
Nowadays, there are many scammers and people who are ready for bad deeds, but such actions and frauds that they carry out are one-time. We, on the other hand, create a favorable environment for earning money both from your side and from ours! Where there is a lot of money, there are always fraudulent schemes. Cryptocurrency is no exception. When speculation is not regulated by anyone, there is always the possibility of deceiving a person.
The peculiarity of the cryptocurrency is the absence of any internal or external administrator. In our case, we try to attract as many people as possible to play and earn our cryptocurrency. Moonpoly is a long-term asset that will always be under our monitoring.
3) Future of Moonpoly?🦾
Our team has big plans for this project, so now, the attention and demand from our clients for this asset is especially important.
Stage 0 - Q2 2021 DONE ✅

Stage 1 - Q3 2021 DONE ✅
Stage 2 - Q4 2021
Stage 3 - Q1 2022
Stage 4 - Q2 2022
Stage 5 - Q3-Q4 2022
4) What is the advantage of Moonpoly? 🧐
Fast and very stable start. 📈
Constant activity in the foreign exchange market.📊
The ability to earn by playing the economic game.🧩
Always-active chat where you can share news or read new information.✍🏻
⚠️How to Buy Basket Inu ???⚠️
👑Contract: 0xe0918c28a7568d24281e9e086774165673f7b39c
👑Buy Here:
👑Renounced Ownership:
🌐Website: (coming soon )
🔐 Liquidty locked 3 YEAR
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2021.09.28 13:23 stillsuave This one is going to be your kids favourite, Miso Baked Cod with Noodles recipe | 10 minutes prepping + marinating | 15 Minutes to Cook

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2021.09.28 13:23 busaboy07 Toner Tuesday

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2021.09.28 13:23 OnlyAnEssenceThief Honestly, I knew this would happen...

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