Why the different colours for the different clan members?

2021.09.28 12:27 slugsbreath Why the different colours for the different clan members?

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2021.09.28 12:27 PotatoTheSecond21 19 [M4F] Online anywhere make me smile looking at my phone again

Hi I'm looking for someone to talk to Maybe we vibe really well and we get way more out of it then we thought. Or maybe it dies out and we ghost eachother who knows?
Interests: Gaming Horror Reading Stories Art Cooking Crochets Working out kinda
Things about me: Emotionally in touch really in touch 5'7 Long black hair Brown eyes If you'd like a pic ask i don't mind Passionate about lots of stuff and it will show
Will make convos from nothing if i enjoy talking to you
I prefer discord
My discord is: Fai#2001 Add me and lets see where it goes
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2021.09.28 12:27 thedesihornyone Sexy Desi Girl Showing Her Boobs and Pussy part 4

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2021.09.28 12:27 Sung-got-Drip Finally... I'm a new player, about 200 games played, 199 lost, first win. I can sleep now. TIL Paladin statue buff is op, especially when paired with interceptor turret. Lucked out at the vending machine, but I'll probably never get a One Punch from a vending machine ever again.

Finally... I'm a new player, about 200 games played, 199 lost, first win. I can sleep now. TIL Paladin statue buff is op, especially when paired with interceptor turret. Lucked out at the vending machine, but I'll probably never get a One Punch from a vending machine ever again. submitted by Sung-got-Drip to SoulKnight [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 12:27 EvilZedD Told doc I had a cough 😷⚠️

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2021.09.28 12:27 mhumnn Nino Rapicavoli - Progressi 🇮🇹

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2021.09.28 12:27 DDotHam Secrets of the Castle - Docuseries

Hey all,
I've recently found a short docuseries called "Secrets of the Castle" on Youtube. Its a series where they are building an authentic castle using 13th century tools, supplies and techniques. They have episodes on combat and art work as well as loads of other stuff.
I've only seen a bit but its got proper KCD vibes, and its really interesting to learn more about how castles and that were created.
Give it a watch - you wont be disappointed (:
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2021.09.28 12:27 Dry-Combination-6054 25…walls are closing in lol…thinks desi girls will throw themselves at him

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2021.09.28 12:27 Baconsodaow 🦸‍♂️ FlokiTheHero 🐶 Biggest MetaHero rewards ✊ New Gem 💎among shitcoins💩 Fair Launch on 1st October 🍾

🦸‍♂️ FlokiTheHero 🐶 Biggest MetaHero rewards ✊ New Gem 💎among shitcoins💩 Fair Launch on 1st October 🍾 https://preview.redd.it/j29a1eh418q71.jpg?width=675&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=8495e3ba78417af529e930f15c1dc94acaf69f88
🦸‍♂️ FlokiTheHero 🐶 Biggest MetaHero rewards ✊ New Gem 💎among shitcoins💩 Fair Launch on 1st October 🍾
🚀Fair launching on 1st October
Riding on the Bull Market wave - Our team is ready to unleash this monster project onto Binance Smart Chain. We're looking to change the reward token game with this one. Floki The Hero is a Hyper-deflationary with static reflex that rewards holders. Simply love, cherish and hold as 15% of each transaction is automatically redistributed to Floki The Hero holders.
👉🏻What Is Floki The Hero?
Floki The Hero is a MetaHero rewards token with MONSTER incentive for investors to stick around. We are touting a tokenomics that include tax on the buy that go to 15% MetaHero Rewards back to the investors, 2% Marketing, and 2% Liquidity. Those are some great Meta rewards! MetaHero has great value that is continuing to increase.
🌟 The established DEV team are ultra-transparent; with Voice Chat open 24/7. A unique activity on the Binance Smart Chain so far.
💰 No Privatesale or Pre-Sale
🏂 Dedicated Shill Leader will be directing the raids
⭐️Smart Contract features:
✅ Automatic rewards
✅ Deflationary
✅ Auto Added Liquidity
✅ Anti Bot System
🏁 Buy & Sell tax 19%
🏁 15% MetaHero Reflections
🏁 2% into Liquidity Pool
🏁 2% into Marketing
🔹Telegram - https://t.me/flokiherocoin
🦜Twitter - https://twitter.com/FlokiTheHero
🕸 Website - TBA
📜Contract - Will be announced at launch
🤑This is your chance to be early for once, and have a fair and square advantage over botters and snipers who ruin so many good projects.
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2021.09.28 12:27 SomeGuyOfTheWeb I love you pig video tape

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2021.09.28 12:27 isaiah21poole Mega Houndoom raid

Add me fast we have 25 mins left 272730163684
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2021.09.28 12:27 SunriseFan99 Just recently stumbled upon this subreddit...

...and I must say this is a nice idea for further adoption. New people can experience crypto transactions while earning some themselves as well.
Looking forward to the good times with everybody here!
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2021.09.28 12:27 gogapzz 2Pac, Biggie, 50 Cent & MC Ren - Tears Of Blood

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2021.09.28 12:27 Crg29 If you could send a note 5 years back to your younger self, what would it be?

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2021.09.28 12:27 Tessia0710 Where to read The World Online - Chapter 393 online for free!!

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2021.09.28 12:27 Stunning-Mountain392 🤩 $Revival - Pre CG and CMC CG🤩 | 11% Amazing BNB rewards | Devs Doxxed and active 24/7 | Crypto CrowdFund App currently in development ⬇️

⬇️ Let me explain you about Revival ⬇️
Revival is a community based DeFi project that gives holders the power to self govern major decisions regarding the token and its development.
Our application development plans include an easily navigated crowdfunding app that will allow users to tell their story and create a wallet used to receive donations, reflections and general savings.
💡 Why should an investor choose Revival? 💡
📍Core team doxxed
📍RugScreen passed
📍Listed on Pancakeswap and FegEx
📍Low Market Cap - $700k
📍Wireframe and UI for KICKSTAND App in development
📍Community events (Games/Movie Nights/ GiveAways)
📍11% BNB Rewards
📍Active marketing
📍Locked Dev Wallet
📍Liquidity locked.
📍Full transparency - DEV's Active 24/7 in community!
🧮 Tokenomics 🧮
♻️11% BNB rewards
♻️2% LP
♻️2% Marketing
♻️15% Total
🌐 Where Are The Devs From? 🌐
Scotland, England, Spain, India, Ireland, Mexico and the United States of America.
📈 Chart : https://charts.bogged.finance/0x8b634718888D74C64da7358530966C4e77FFE033
📃 Address: 0x8b634718888d74c64da7358530966c4e77ffe033 ⚠️How to Buy Revival Token ???⚠️
🌍 Website : https://revival.finance/ (coming soon )
👑 Twitter : https://twitter.com/beasties_online
👑Contract: 0x8b634718888d74c64da7358530966c4e77ffe033
👑Buy Here:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x8b634718888d74c64da7358530966c4e77ffe033
👑Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8b634718888d74c64da7358530966c4e77ffe033#readContract
🔐 Liquidty locked 18 MONTHS
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2021.09.28 12:27 JoadTom24 Me and a fellow mommy got a real love fest from G.

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2021.09.28 12:27 Floor-Proof Concerns about Delta transmission, overburdened hospitals and Covid-19 deaths drove recent rise in vaccinations, poll says

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2021.09.28 12:27 restacks-wolves Rude HR (in-house recruiter), good direct bosses should I still accept the job offer?

Verbally accepted a job offer, didn't meet my expectations salary-wise + benefits but I'll receive good training. Met my direct bosses and they're nice. Pressured into making a decision by the HR, gave me 24h initially to decide but managed to stretch it over the weekend. The first bad sign was he's yawning when I asked more details about the benefits, ignored it. Missed his only call, then he became sarcastic - now you woke up it's time to give me an update (I was on leave) etc and that I had a lack of attention. So I replied that if he's withdrawing the offer it's fine. I called, we cleared the air and that using messaging apps we're prone to miscommunications. But.. later that night he sent me a rude message (again) because I didn't reply fast enough.
TL;DR: Rude HR in-house talent recruiter, good bosses, good job. Thinking of declining the offer because of this HR. Should I decline the offer (bad vibes) or can I call the hiring manager first and tell him the HR is making the offer less/not desirable?
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2021.09.28 12:27 ray_tj QC Help on Travis Fragment High. New to this, any opinions appreciated!

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2021.09.28 12:27 ThrowRA4u A Neckbeard Summer; Birthday Ruiner

I've been debating sharing this story or not but I think it would be cathartic to throw these beards to the metaphorical wolves. Won't be too lengthy but I've got a few beard stories in the traumatic memory bank.
Back in 2014 I found myself newly single, a university graduate and unemployed so naturally I had no idea what to do with myself. I was lost, lonely and desperate for some sort of direction in life.
Some basic information about myself, this is not where I launch into describing myself as a 'big titty goth girlfriend', though I am indeed female I'm pretty darn average but following my unceremonious dumping I found myself in possession of that one characteristic that attracts neckbeards like flies to rotten meat; vulnerability.
Pretty soon I was being contacted by a' friend' of my ex, let's call him Liam and he invited me to visit him. He lived close to a town well known in the UK for being very economically depressed with many jobs being temp work only. Being lonely and vulnerable I accepted the offer and soon got to know Liam and his friends.
Liam ticked a few beard boxes, though he lacked a physical beard he definitely had a big ol' bushy beard on the inside. He was unemployed, 'looking at college courses' and living at home with his mum, she was an angel but she babied him to an extreme. This guy would be in bed at midnight and tell his mum he wanted pork chops and she'd cook him a full meal and bring it to him in his bedroom. He had a condition that meant, at times, he would just pass out and I think this is what fed into mums mollycoddling.
Liam did manage to get a decent amount of girls, however, he'd chat them up and invite them over for a whole 30 seconds of disappointing sex and bizarrely they kept coming back. Notably in his room there were photos of an ex who he would talk to every girl he brought over about. 'She was perfect, the perfect body, I'd love to have her back' isn't the typical thing to follow half a minute of lacklustre thrusting with. Normally just an apology and the awkward rustling of clothing going back on.
Liam wasn't actually the biggest beard in his friend group. That title was held by his 'friend' (read as 'emotional whipping boy'), let's call him Robert. Robert did actually have a beard, a thick, black unkempt beard which was as greasy as his lank, unwashed hair. He constantly smelled of dog urine and was also unemployed and living at home with his mum, too. Robert's reason for being unemployed was his 'depression'.
Now I don't doubt that Robert was depressed. The issue is more that ALL Robert was was depressed. Every part of his identity was about being depressed. Every conversation was about him being depressed or led back that way eventually. In short, Robert was a fucking DRAG to be around.
Unfortunately for me as soon as I met Robert he became FIXATED with me, again not because I'm hot shit but because I was vulnerable and he could sense it. He was desperate for us to spend as much time together as possible and his interest in me caused him to ruin multiple social gatherings and self sabotage for attention.
So onto the actual story. It was a mutual friends birthday, we will call her Shana, so several of us went over to her flat to predrink before hitting the town. Shana's younger sister, we'll call her Daisy, was babysitting despite only being 16 herself as 21 year old Shana had a daughter. I arrived with Liam, Robert and another friend who we will call Mark. Shana's boyfriend, henceforth known as Matt, was also there.
Being a lady of class I brought with me tequila and a lime and started chopping said lime for some shots. After a few drinks we all sat talking and getting ready to go out. Everyone except Daisy and Robert. Robert was chatting to her and she was nodding along awkwardly, I watched as his hand went to the knife I had been chopping limes with mere minutes ago. Words failed me as he brought the knife to his forearm and he began cutting it in front of Daisy.
'It doesn't even hurt' he said.
'Robert, you can't do that in front of her, she's fucking 16'. I collared Robert and he became very sheepish, mumbling an apology before we all decided to just go out.
Whilst walking around the town, pleasantly intoxicated, I noticed that Shana and Robert had dropped back. The birthday girl was consoling him and I heard snippets of conversation;
Robert: I'm just so depressed........ Why won't she notice me?
With Shana trying to lift his spirits on HER birthday. Eventually Mark stepped in and told Robert to 'Stop being depressing, it's her fucking birthday'. His supervision of Robert did not last long, however, as he and Matt made the ill-informed decision to take some M-Kat and enjoy the night their own way.
Robert set about trying to garner attention elsewhere. He approached me and asked;
'OP, will you punch me in the face?'
'What? No. Why?'
'Please, OP, I deserve it, just punch me'.
'I'm not going to punch you. I don't do that.'.
'Ok, if you had to kill me, how would you do it?'
At this point, Liam interjected;
'I'd fucking stab you with a hundred knives and burn you to death'.
'Liam, will you punch me in the face?' Robert asked. Liam obliged and Robert staggered away.
As the night came to an end and we crashed in a different flat Robert came to speak to me. He sat on the floor next to me and sighed. Almost every conversation with Robert started with a sigh.
' OP, my life has been different since I met you. You give me hope. I want you to have this'. He reached into his smelly leather jacket and handed me a small tin. I opened it and inside found........ A filthy razor blade.
'Robert, I'm not taking this' I replied, horrified.
'Please take it, I don't want to use it any more now that you're here. You can stop me from hurting myself'.
'Dude that is a REALLY shitty responsibility to give someone' I pushed the box away and he held it out again.
'But I need someone to take it off me so I don't hurt myself'. Robert then offered the razor tin around to the other people in the room. Strangely everyone declined and he reluctantly put away the blade.
By this point everyone was too fucked up to really care but Robert had made sure that he was the centre of attention yet again on someone else's fucking birthday.
I have more stories about the beards but this post is getting quite long so I will leave it there for now. Unfortunately my encounters with Robert DID NOT have a happy ending.
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2021.09.28 12:27 keyinq Ma man

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2021.09.28 12:27 HimanshuHero Got her in the free mega box!!I am F2P!!

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2021.09.28 12:27 entwickle Is it safe to share my working contract with potential landlords?

Hi guys, I feel skeptical sharing this with every potential landlord, only to get rejected. Does this pose any risk at all? Is there something else I can do?
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2021.09.28 12:27 Deecryptologist DID YOU KNOW?

DROMOS IS GOING TO BE A PLUTO SHOT! Message me if you need any help getting purchasing dromos. We currently have 1,700 bag holders and our next goal is 2,500! Join us and become apart of the Pluto landing. #dromoscrypto #teamdro
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