This AJ4 uses an all-black design 😎😎, which is more resistant to dirt and wrinkles than other AJ4s. What do you think 😙😙? SP batch US4-US12

2021.09.28 11:57 Brianna-Brandon This AJ4 uses an all-black design 😎😎, which is more resistant to dirt and wrinkles than other AJ4s. What do you think 😙😙? SP batch US4-US12

This AJ4 uses an all-black design 😎😎, which is more resistant to dirt and wrinkles than other AJ4s. What do you think 😙😙? SP batch US4-US12 submitted by Brianna-Brandon to SneakersReps [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 11:57 iamnotaquant 2x GA floor tickets LA 9/29

Unable to go now, got two tickets just want what I paid ($83 for both). Can sell via AXS, just DM me.
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2021.09.28 11:57 Flattersz Best Pvp / Co -op deck reccomendations?

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2021.09.28 11:57 Silver-Hunter-1025 Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps - Before a Mosque (Cairo) (c. 1868) [1116 × 1478]

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2021.09.28 11:57 Avantgarde19 Don’t touch your phone with dirty hands or dirty minds because Hanuman is on your phone’s wallpaper 😎

Don’t touch your phone with dirty hands or dirty minds because Hanuman is on your phone’s wallpaper 😎 submitted by Avantgarde19 to Kerala [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 11:57 Denki_kaminari10 SHOTO TODOROKI

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2021.09.28 11:57 Morticiaad I made a fish LARP weapon [OC]

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2021.09.28 11:57 Yujayuiya My first time trying watercolour nails

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2021.09.28 11:57 dreamisrealdream Jane and her husband

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2021.09.28 11:57 threebats What isn't a slight rewording of a question you see here twice daily, but feels like one?

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2021.09.28 11:57 Arphy7 Who is the most exciting young talent in the squad? (Including players out on loan)

A few months ago everyone would probably say Cade Cowell but lately he’s had a significant dip in form. Also we’ve recently seen an eager Benji Kikanovic step up when given minutes in the first team. There’s also Haji who despite not getting too many opportunities this season, has shown a few glimpses of what he has to offer. What do you think?
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2021.09.28 11:57 sweeaazzyyy Beyler ciddi hastalandım sırf şu güvenli diye açtıkları okullardan.

1-2 hafta önce sanırım covid oldum diye başlık açmıştım. Neyse sözün özü güvenli diye açtıkları okullardan fena hastalandım. Önce soğuk algınlığı gibi başladı sonra fena vurdu geceleyin uyuyup uyandığımda ise iyi gibiydim. Geçen gece ateşim çıktı. Doktora gittik. Covid testi istedi negatif çıktı ama sonraki gün belirtiler daha da arttı. Soğuk algınlığı ve gribi aynı anda yaşıyorum. Başım inanılmaz zonkluyor verebileceğiniz öneriler var mı? Çorba denedim , ağrı kesici denedim , ilaçları denedim daha kötü yaptı. Yardım edin lütfen.
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2021.09.28 11:57 AccordingPin53 TBC race on 19-21 November

Is there any information on where this race will be held or a shortlist of the likely contenders? On the F1 website it still says TBC and that’s included in the “7 races to go messaging”, so there must be plans?
Appreciate it will just be speculation but could be crucial in the “which tracks favour MB or RB” debate
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2021.09.28 11:57 Bryanalves499 Is meg suppose to be miles morales (black spiderman)

Seems like she a black max.
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2021.09.28 11:57 heinaga1989 Cowboy Zombies is a Shoot to earn NFT game to launch its presale next week. Airdrop and Whitelist is now live. Do not miss the 1000x potential 🚀

Cowboy Zombies is a Shoot-To-Earn game inspired by the RPG-based game Left 4 Dead and the World War Z movie. In the game, players are enrolled to take part in Cowboys and Cowgirls and fight against the Zombies. Cowboy Zombies is what we like a call a new trend as Shoot-To-Earn, not just a Play2Earn traditional game. The game graphics and designs are carefully based by 7 designers in our teams which come from all over the world. The game background is at 1970, where Cowboys are typically one on horseback, who herds and tends cattle, especially in the western US, as represented in the old west, like what we have seen in such Cowboy movies. It was just all peaceful, and the daily life of the Cowboys was hunting deers and chasing criminals, bounty hunting, get prizes and live a reckless and careless life. And all of a sudden, the Zombies came along, and they have to use Guns and Knives to fight; they were just all aggressive, hungry for fresh meat, and they're many kinds of them: which you will see as 4 main characters of zombies in the game. About the cowboys and cowgirls, there will be 5 ranks with many shoot skills and many kinds of guns.
CowboyZombies Whitelist 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟
🧟‍♀️We will pick 100 winners for private sale slots and 1000 winners to get in DxSale whitelisted presale
🧟‍♂️100 winners of private sale will be picked as (30 top entries and 70 random users)
🧟‍♂️1000 winners to get in DxSale Whitelisted presale will be picked randomly among all users.
🧟 Presale Information: Presale will take place on DxSale (Whitelisted Presale) Softcap: 250 BNB Hardcap: 500 BNB
🧟‍♀️Private sale rate per BNB 1 BNB = 60,000 CZ Public presale rate per BNB 1 BNB = 55,000 CZ
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2021.09.28 11:57 fracturedowl [HELP] Taking care of an injured and starving stray

I was on my morning walk with my brother and his malinois when I came across a starving border collie mix high in the mountains, by itself on a small path. It's back leg was injured at the heel and infected. My dog interacted with it, and my brother and I immediately decided to take it to the vet, where it now is.
The dog is obviously socialised and several years old and obviously abandoned. No microchip, no missing dogs have been reported everywhere. I've decided to take on its care for a while, as it would end up being put down otherwise. Can anyone advise me as to how to properly care for this starving dog, especially feeding (in relation to re-feeding syndrome).
The plan is to keep while it regains some strength, and then see if it can find its place in our household alongside a well trained but young and energetic malinois. Any advice on introducing this new dog into the malis well established territory safely would be appreciated. The stray will be staying on an outdoor but enclosed terrace for a while, while the weather is still fair.
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2021.09.28 11:57 Own-Leadership-6429 👑ADARoyale - The King Of ADA Rewards Tokens - Both Devs Doxxed and Based! Fair Launched Under 1 Hours Ago! Active Community! Devs are on Video Chat!

Welcome to ADARoyale, a passive income generating token which reward it's HODLers in ADA / Cardano.
Why ADA?
The team believe that ADA / Cardano is destined for great things, upon the launch of smart contracts we may see ADA be the next BNB / Ethereum. By implementing ADA as a reward, it generates income in both the investors initial investment, as well as providing them a second passive income. So while people sell, your total holdings grow.
💰 8% AUTO ADA reward
📊 1% Marketing
📈 1% Liquidity
Total Supply: 1B
Max Wallet: 4%
Max buy: 4%
Max Sell: 1%
Go take a look! u Won't regret it :)🚀
👑 Contract: 0xf8b59f5e67cd40233eccff37c5fe24e503290861
👑 Renounced Ownership:
🔒 100% LP LOCKED:
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2021.09.28 11:57 Competitive_Bread_17 Death by snu snu is the right way to do it!

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2021.09.28 11:57 noni_fromwestcoast Honestlyyy

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2021.09.28 11:57 Starbuckker Galway girls generally have dark hair Ed.

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2021.09.28 11:57 rick_bruijs Anyone who gets this?

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2021.09.28 11:57 ChancesSea 15 Ways to Motivate Yourself and Others

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2021.09.28 11:57 j0e20003 I’m bored text me rn otherwise no phone time

Now talk gr
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2021.09.28 11:57 No_Salad242 Tips on dating Med people (student, clerk, intern, resident)

Hi! im nonmed dating a med guy. Badly need tips I feel like I wanna make some more effort on him. Would love to hear stuff about care package, PLE support system, and how to not be praning when he’s too busy lol
TYSM doctors and future doctors!!!!
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