RIP Sparklez

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2021.10.26 15:20 itsnotthot The only time I feel good is when I play videogames with "randoms".

It started this year, I feel like its a dog eat dog world, i talk to people on Discord and i cant help but notice its control over others, who is the pack leader, who has the bigger "dick". Then I leave my PC and I notice the same thing too, who "knows more", who "can speak more". I'm filled with anxiety in my body too. It sucks...I don't know something has changed, especially since Covid...
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2021.10.26 15:20 Imperfecttea_ Becoming a New Person

“Again, these nails were done by the owner of Sasha’s Sexy Nails, thanks again for letting us film today!” I stopped recording, and Sasha rolled her eyes at me.
“I’m fine with filming, always, but do your followers really like seeing every single part of your day?” She began putting her nail equipment away. I glanced at the pretty snowflakes decorating my fresh blue manicure. I loved the winter look. It was an internal debate I had too, but I got the most views, and therefore most money, when I did daily vlogs like this.
“I guess so. Some of the comments say they enjoy being able to personally experience things they can’t do… I don’t know. Like they can’t afford to get their nails done, so they watch me do it on the next vlog?”
“That’s a terrible way of explaining things, girl, I’m just worried that you aren’t safe with everyone constantly knowing what you’re doing.” The timer on the gel dryer dings for my left hand, so I stand up and give her a soft smile.
“It’s not too much information, Sash. It’s like the amount they get from watching their favorite actress do a behind-the-scenes. I’ll talk to you later, I have to call my mom in an hour and better do some dishes. My place is a mess.” I waved goodbye to the analyzing Sasha was trying to start and headed towards the hall to grab my shoes. Sasha was bringing up more of a dangerous con to what I’ve devoted my daytime to. She was the first person to ever bring this up to me, and as I walked to my car, in the chilly November weather, I thought it was just the wind causing chills to run down my spine.
A week had passed since I had my nails done by Sasha, and I was sifting through clips of video to edit into another weekly vlog for my followers. If this kind of content paid the bills, I’d keep it up. I had a lot of college debt wafting away and only two more semesters before I’d have a degree to numb the weight of it. I live in a four-story apartment building that gets paid for by inheritance my grandfather left me. It’s a pretty average apartment, but my favorite features are the beautiful balcony doors across from a fully furnished kitchen, and the security on every floor. It is also only about a five-minute drive from the campus I do classes on, and there are so many ‘cutesy’ shops in between. Editing was a pretty easy job from the comfort of my couch, and I am relying on potato chips as my primary source of fuel until I’d meet my friends at around 8 tonight for dinner. I had soft music playing in the background of my intro, my “inter name expanding into view.
Hey guys, it’s me again, [redacted], and I know you’re all dying to see what my plans looked like this week. I accomplished a lot more than I…” My internet persona had her own name, different from my birth name, to protect some of that security Sasha was talking about. Looking back on it, I decided not to mention my internet persona’s name, as my videos are still out there generating views, and I don’t really want any of my avid fans to find this. Unpausing the introduction, I furrow my eyebrows in confusion as I glance at the reflection in the window of my bedroom from the recording. It looks as if there’s a shadow of a figure, possibly a woman, glancing at me with wide eyes. I rewind the footage and play it in slow motion. It’s there for a brief second, but it’s long enough for me to take a picture and send it to the security number of this complex. My heart is beating slightly as I call the number. When they answer, I explain that I noticed a woman looking through my window. She must’ve been on the fire escape, they tell me.
“How long ago did you film that introduction?” The security guard asks. “What’s your apartment number?”
“Twenty minutes ago…” I falter, my voice barely above a whisper. The security guard tells me to stay on my couch and that he will send someone up in just a moment or two.” To keep my mind from racing, I delete the introduction clip and edit the rest of the video. I will just have to film a new introduction after this. It took ten minutes before someone knocked on the door. It was not the security guard like I was expecting, rather, a box had been left on the welcome mat. I glanced around the hall and grabbed the box. It was in a take-out box with illegible writing written on it. Instead of opening it, I call security again.
“You told us it was a false alarm.”
“No, I didn’t!” I exclaim, still rather quietly. “I have been waiting for someone to knock on my door….”
“I apologize, but you called our office as soon as we hung up the first time.” I widen my eyes in disbelief at what I am hearing.
“W-well, this time, I’m telling you to send someone up here, and d-do not cancel it until we’ve spoken in person. Someone left a strange box at my door.”
“Right, I will send them up shortly.” After the line disconnected, my hands felt clammy. I set the strange container on my table and glanced at the time. It was only 6 PM on a Tuesday, and I was worried someone really was in my home, violating my privacy. It was like a strange epilogue to what Sasha had been asking me about after my nail appointment. I needed to use the bathroom, but I weighed the pros and cons of going near my bedroom. Avoiding the obvious danger, I decided to open the box and decide if the police was a better call to make. Inside the box was a wet piece of paper, I didn’t dare pick up. On it was five words, scratched in something that looked like blood: I WANT TO BE YOU. The second I opened the box, a strange aroma filled the area. It was too late for me to realize that the wetness on that paper wasn’t merely water, or bodily fluids, but instead a chemical. My eyes grew heavy, and as I tried to reach for my phone to call the police, I saw the shadow of a person in my hallway, and my eyes grew tired.
Bright light drew me out of sleep. I felt sick as my crusty eyes seemed to tear open in surprise to so much light. I must’ve left the kitchen light on, but why was I in the kitchen? I felt disoriented as I tried to stand up, holding onto the cabinets for extra strength. My mind was foggy as I glanced around my clean kitchen, not a thing out of place. My head was in constant pain as I widened my eyes in disbelief at a strange symbol cut onto my hand. It was shaped like a ruin or possibly a letter in a different language. I stumbled towards my couch where my phone lay in-between two cushions. Looking at the time, I realized that maybe I got way too drunk last night with my friends and blacked out. I must’ve gotten inside on my own and fell asleep on the floor. Good thing it was a Saturday, or I would’ve missed my classes. It was almost two in the afternoon. My phone was almost dead, and I had thirteen missed calls from my friend Sam, along with a text message. Before opening the message, I headed into the bathroom and rummaged through the medicine cabinet for some headache relief. After taking a few pills, I was situated firmly on my couch, next to the pretty skyline coming from the balcony. Opening the text, I glanced at it in shock. It was a string of conversation in which I had responded to her multiple times last night.
6:30 PM
Sam: Babes, are you still coming out tonight? Want to get ready at my place?
6:45 PM
Sam: I’m guessing all that editing caused you to take a nap. I can head over to yours.
7:00 PM
Me: Hi Sam. You’re right, I did fall asleep, but I’ve got a major headache, so I think I’m going to sit this girl’s night out.
Sam: You’re lucky, Cal. I was just about to drive to your place. I’ll let Bev and Adrianna know. Get some rest okay?
Me: I will. See you at the gym tomorrow?
Sam: You know me, Cal, I will be too hungover to get up early. Hows about Sunday?
Me: Sure. See you then.
I felt fine yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, at least. I couldn’t really remember sending these text messages or even deciding I wanted to cancel plans. My dulled headache reminded me that maybe my excuse was real, and I just decided to rest yesterday. It doesn’t really explain how I fell asleep on the floor, but I don’t seem injured or anything. However, I decided to clean up my mess of a living room and get ready for the rest of the day instead of hanging onto that one aspect. I had fallen asleep numerous places after getting drunk, and as I did the dishes, I saw a wine glass that hadn’t been there before. I rolled my eyes in literal disbelief of myself as I washed the glass and made a mental note to apologize to the girls for canceling.
After cleaning my apartment and eating some toast, I decided to run some errands and go to the gym. My phone had been dead, so I let it charge in the car as I drove across campus town to get to the local grocery store. I got waves from strangers as I picked out good-looking apples and someone tried to ask for my phone number by the frozen pizzas. It was honestly a normal afternoon, and nothing had really stuck out to me about today until I got to the gym. I had already had a bit of a sweat after carrying bags of groceries up to my apartment and putting them all away. I then ran here from my apartment which prompted my heart rate to race. The usual receptionist raised an eyebrow as I walked in. Was there something wrong with my outfit? I glanced at my shoes as I scanned my gym badge.
“Hello, Sydney.” I greeted as she watched me peculiarly.
“Um, afternoon, Cali, weird seeing you here.” I glanced at the time. It was rather late. I know Sydney usually works morning shift, and I usually come in the morning, but I smiled anyways.
“Yeah, I decided to come in later today as I woke up later than usual.” I shyly respond, picking up my water bottle I had sat down and turning back towards her.
“Hm… I mean it’s weird because I’m working a double today, and you already came in this morning. I didn’t know you liked to go to the gym twice a day. Is this a vlog experience?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Syd.” I acknowledge, “And I know we aren’t allowed to film in the gym. I haven’t been here today yet. Maybe you’re confusing today and yesterday?” I offer, setting my bag down as it was heavy and she seemed persistent to question me.
“I thought for sure that was you… you even asked me about my brother’s baby shower. I’m not friends with every twenty-something that walks in those doors. I swear it was you,” She ruffled a hand through her short grey hair. “Oh well, maybe someone who looks just like you came in this morning and we didn’t have that conversation, I am getting pretty old. Enjoy your time at the gym dear.” Sydney seemed really confused as I walked into the women’s locker room. I would know if I had gone to the gym in the morning, wouldn’t I? Besides, I literally woke up at 2 PM today, so there’s no way I went to the gym in the morning. I ignored my gut feeling and continued on with a typical workout. After working out, I left the gym and got my camcorder out, beginning to film. I stopped in my tracks when I saw the little gallery sneak peek it shows at the bottom of the camera. I clicked on the box hesitantly, Sydney’s comments from early causing me to feel paranoia. The video popped up into view and the thumbnail was me, in identical workout clothes to what I was wearing now. It was filmed today at 7 AM. “Hey babes, it’s [redacted] here, and I feel that in order to live to your sexiest potential, early morning gym routines should be where you start! I got a lot of rest last night, so I’m ready to spend some grind potential at the gym…” I paused the video, in shock. I examined the paused image of “me” for a few more minutes, taking in every detail and every aspect of this. This was supposed to be me, but it wasn’t. It was someone who looked exactly like me, down to the smallest details. The only difference in details was minor, one that nobody would notice on the first, second, or even third try. Her shoe size looked to be maybe a half-inch bigger, at least on camera. I only noticed because we were standing in the same spot in the video. Her feet were wearing the same shoes as mine, and we were both standing beside a poster advertising a new movie in theaters. My shoe started at the edge of the poster board and stopped just a bit before hers did. If my shoe size was a six, hers was a six and a half. How would I report someone for stealing my camera and pretending to be me, if we looked exactly alike? Maybe fingerprints could tell the difference, or maybe not. On the walk home, I examined the video two or three times to see if I could point out any noticeable differences. I spotted no more, and the strangeness of the video caused me to feel lightheaded. I took a seat on a bench just a few blocks between my house and made sure to use Bluetooth to upload the video to my phone. Realization hit that I had oddly not received any notifications since the messages from Sam, so I checked my phone while I was at it. It was in do not disturb mode, something I only ever used if I needed to crack down for a serious test or something. I had it set to where I wouldn’t get any notifications at all and my phone wouldn’t even show the “do not disturb” banner or any notifications until I went into manual settings and turned it back to default. There’s no way I accidentally turned that on. As soon as I turned do not disturb off, my phone seemed to update, hundreds of follower notifications pulling up about my new video. It was the nail salon video I was supposed to post today. I was going to make a note apologizing for a late posting, but it seems I had posted it right on time for today. Scrolling through the comments, I see nothing odd or sinister. It is odd that none of my friends texted me at all today, especially after I canceled last minute last night. I clicked on the messages app and was truly shocked to see the numerous conversations that I had apparently had throughout the day.
Dating App Guy: That was great, Let’s meet next week too.
What was great? I furrowed my eyebrows and continued to the next conversation. All of these had already been open and most had been responded to as if I had been engaging with people all day.
4:00 PM
Mom: Dear, want to come over for dinner tonight?
Me: Sure. What’s Dad cooking this time?
Mom: Meatloaf.
Me: Count me in. I love when he makes that.
It is 7 PM as I’m reading this, and I see a notification of me being tagged in a post on Facebook by my mom. I am pale, and there’s no way I can think of to best describe the way I am currently feeling as I click on the post. Facebook opens, and there I am, standing in a group photo with my little sister and two parents. The caption reads: “Our oldest came back home for dinner tonight, and she’s back to [redacted] to accomplish great things tomorrow!” I immediately try to call my mom.
Ring. Please answer, Mom. The bench is starting to feel cold so I stand and start walking towards my apartment. Tears are in my eyes, and I feel as if I’m about to have a panic attack.
Ring. Come on…
“Hello, Cali, dear? Did you make it home alright?” Thank God.
“Mom, hi! Yeah I made it to my apartment great. I’m about to film a video of me removing these nails because I ended up not loving how the winter look turned out.”
"That's great, sweetie. I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I received an email from your security guard. Did they ever figure out what was bothering you last night?"
"It was a false alarm, Mom. I thought I saw the reflection of a person in my window, and there is probably a rat issue, but that was my reflection."
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This was a great sub but the end is soon. It's been a good run.
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2021.10.26 15:20 MyTh_BladeZ New bus route unlocked for Commuter North???

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2021.10.26 15:20 pewiro1580 Mumbai airport arrivals SOP post 25/10/21

I will be arriving at Mum airport from Dubai, double-jabbed in India with full vac certificate etc. As per new SOP issued by Central Govt effective 25/10, no PCR test or home quarantine is required for such arrivals. But I checked with BMC K Ward office in Mumbai, they denied it saying 14 days home quar is required. They also mentioned no exemption is possible.
CSMIA website also says this. However Central Govt SOP says all airports/airlines have to follow new rules and in fact Indigo website also reflects new rules for arrivals from Dubai
Main issue is that I have to fly out again internationally after 3 days so if I am forced to give 14 day home quarantine undertaking, I won't be able to take my flight.
Seems like there is a lot of confusion here. What is the correct rule?
Please note: I don't want to sign a quarantine undertaking paper and then travel anyway breaking the quarantine rules.
Any direct experience from people arriving at Mumbai Airport from UAE after 25/10? Did you have to undertake home quarantine or airport PCR test?
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2021.10.26 15:20 Least_Bit_6459 should i transfer colleges after a semester?

i’m currently a freshman and miserable where i am. i’m 6 hours from home and mid day into the semester with no friends or connections. the girls on campus have been pretty mean and a lot of them have ghosted me or said rude things to my face. the school itself is huge and i am a shy person so it’s been pretty difficult. i’ve been thinking more seriously about transferring next semester to a small school close to my hometown. they have better opportunities for what i want to do and it would be easier to find a job in the area i wish to work after college, but i’m not sure if i’m making this decision prematurely. i do not want to regret transferring but not sure if staying would be good for my mental health, any thoughts on what i should do?
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2021.10.26 15:20 benlawnchair What is this toy pig? Is it part of a franchise?

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2021.10.26 15:20 FriendlyEarworm Most efficient way to build a music library?

So I’m currently preparing myself to build and record sets so I can post them on social media, but I am trying to build my music library more first.
I was just wondering - what’s the most efficient method you use for collecting music on the fly? What about in bulk?
For somebody preparing for a gig, what would be your best way to prepare? For example, would you start with top 40s from each year, and go backwards to get a healthy amount. I am just trying to create some type of plan for this, because it kind of feels like I’m fumbling around in the dark sometimes.
Thanks in advance, any advice is appreciated. :)
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