A little confused by the RDAs

The confused little girl had a muddled look on her face as she kept shifting her gaze between both brothers, unsure of their identity. The Maryland mom captioned the clip: “When your dad has an identical twin. #babytiktok #babiesofinstagram #cutebaby #blackbabygirl #twinparent #babyinfluencer.” ... When patients suddenly become confused March 30, 2020. Hospital delirium is common and often goes unrecognized. ... and the delirium cleared once she was back in a regular room. Now we can laugh about it, but she remembers little about those weeks," says her daughter-in-law. To continue reading this article, you must log in. For example, Iconic starts at just under £25,000, then there’s the S Edition for a little over £26,000, and the GT Line for a shade below £28,000. Opt for the GT Line and the benefits include heated seats, black leather upholstery, hands-free parking, 19” Poseidon alloy wheels, and an Active Emergency Braking System. The moment when confused Victorian skiers feel the earthquake Anthony Sharwood, Wednesday September 22, 2021 - 11:15 EST As you no doubt know by now, a magnitude-5.8 earthquake shook a large part of southeastern Australia just after 9 am on Wednesday morning, with a magnitude-4 tremor afterwards. Actor Alec Baldwin was seen "in tears" by two members of the press in New Mexico following a shooting on the set of the movie "Rust" that left the film’s cinematographer dead and its director in ... 2.Based on Confused.com data December 2020 - January 2021. We compare up to 120 trusted insurance companies to get you our cheapest deal in minutes. See all companies. What you need to compare car insurance quotes. If you’ve bought insurance before, your recent insurance documents or renewal offer should include all the details you’ll need ... Relatedly, 72% of adults say they personally benefit very little or none from company data collection about them, and 76% say this about the benefits they might get from government data collection. One aim of the data collection done by companies is for the purpose of profiling customers and potentially targeting the sale of goods and services ... confused definition: 1. unable to think clearly or to understand something: 2. not clear and therefore difficult to…. Learn more. XVIDEOS Fuck the dyke out of my confused little stepdaughter free Moises, a ten-year-old student, struggles to communicate in his new school with limited access to his native language.

2021.10.26 16:16 dadotechno A little confused by the RDAs

Hello wonderful community, I have just finished extracting and I am now thinking about consuming the spice. I decided that I want to go for the direct emesh. I ordered a Geek Vape Aegis Solo, and I am now frantically searching for a nice RDA that I could use. Do you know any online shops in the EU that could have what I want? I am trying to look for the recommended RDAs but a lot of the website are US based. And the ones in the UK that I found don't have what I am looking for (It might be that I don't know what I am looking for lol). I just need a little push in the right direction please.
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2021.10.26 16:16 namkee_me In honor of the new BD season... Look who I found on LinkedIn!

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2021.10.26 16:16 Utopia157 What music artist is so bad you cant even enjoy them ironically?

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2021.10.26 16:16 BonezyGaming Farting on a Nun? ( PROPNIGHT Funny Moments )

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2021.10.26 16:16 snowyy_444 track ready weevil

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2021.10.26 16:16 JossQueen [WW] This logo for a landscaping company I saw looked very familiar

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2021.10.26 16:16 Unlikely-Yogurt-3542 When I use my strike pack 3rd option. (no recoil.on ps4) when I aim I have no problem but when I don’t aim and shoot it either goes up or down . And I have no drift bc this didn’t happen before I got it. Any tips ?

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2021.10.26 16:16 sillyman773 What is the nicest thing someone ever did to you?

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2021.10.26 16:16 aDOOMZZ Happy monke

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2021.10.26 16:16 oxenbury Looking for recs for 14-15 year-olds.

I teach English in Italy and I've decided to develop a reading project with my class of 14-15 year-olds. Their level is B1 (which means they're intermediate level).
Thinking back to the books we read in Primary and Secondary school in the UK, Michael Morpurgo, Skellig, Holes, Yaxley's Cat and Boy in the Striped Pyjamas come to mind. However, I asked my students and they said very clearly "NOT romance or historical" - the agreed genres were crime/mystery/thriller. Perhaps an Agatha Christie book but I've not read any and don't know if the language is do-able for them? In fact perhaps Yaxley's Cat could be a good option, I remember it was pretty easy to read and had some mystery involved.
I'd love to hear what y'all bookworms think :) Thanks!
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2021.10.26 16:16 Sweet16boyoj 16 m here I want new friends to Snapchat, I like to work out

I don’t care about age just be fun
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2021.10.26 16:16 Jma5012 So underwhelmed with the Halloween decor this year!

Is it just me or was last year way better - way more fun options and more Halloween challenges. Kind of bummed out, I was looking forward to it!
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2021.10.26 16:16 jitterybrat Is anyone else addicted to the Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper chips? My asshole hasn’t seen a break in weeks. I can’t stop eating them.

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2021.10.26 16:16 Deisma Why is my navy recruiters pushing for me to go nuclear?

I'm wanting to join the Navy and aiming to work in aviation with helicopters, but maybe it's because I wear glasses that my recruiters are discouraging me on that but they keep telling me that I should keep nuclear in the back of my mind. And I get it, nuclear jobs are high paying, but that's not really where my heart is. So are nuclear jobs just in demand right now or what's going on?
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2021.10.26 16:16 haydenthehab Papa Shea is in the Building🥺❤️

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2021.10.26 16:16 asiabelle88 Worst type you've dated

What is the worst type you've dated for your type?.
I'm an ENFP, and was married to an ESTJ. When things were good, they were great. We were both able to give insight on things and think outside the box when we were together but our personalities still clashed. When things were bad, it would take a lot to find ourselves again. It would be comparable to throwing oil into a fire. Needless to say, I will stay away from STJs.
So I'm just curious as to what your type is + the worst you've dated (if you know of course) :)
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2021.10.26 16:16 dalyllama35 An Interview With Marcus, Dylan, Ryan, Brandon & Alex of Another One Down!

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2021.10.26 16:16 under_cooked_onions Trade Proposal. Who wins

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2021.10.26 16:16 jimrbry V2 meets V4. Old v New. Orange v Red. Austria v Italy. 2009 RC8R v 2021 Panigale v4SP. Motorbikes are awesome!

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2021.10.26 16:16 beloebizarro Till pain do us part, oil on canvas, Eduardo Morais/Me, 97x65cm, USD1.000$, shipping worldwide.

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2021.10.26 16:16 Jo_Hikkuman_Official Me when I place down my pumpkin just right:

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2021.10.26 16:16 ItsukiTakeuchi And so it begins…

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2021.10.26 16:16 Zetakh Dragon Airport - Golden Trouble

Original Prompt:
ATC is having difficulties keeping the peace after a wealthy trickster scatters gold pieces across the runway
Ding dong!
"Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that due to the discovery of debris on Runway 15, flights to Flight Rock are temporarily delayed. We ask for your patience and understanding while we work to ensure the safety of our personnel and passengers! Thank you!"
ATC operator Gavin leaned back in his seat with an exasperated expression. "Right, that's the announcement sent. Now how the hell do we deal with the mess?"
"I've radioed for advice," answered Vivi, his coworker. "I suppose they'll eventually have snatched up all the gold and the problem will clear itself?"
Gavin grimaced. "That... might take a while."
The jokester had picked the perfect spot for his million-dollar 'prank'. Runway 15 was used exclusively by the Adventure Tour tourist agency, and employed young, strong speedster dragons for nearly death-defying stunt flights through the winding canyons and spires close to Flight Rock.
And no dragon was more enamoured with gold than young hotshots without much of a hoard at home. The current squabble was quite something to behold.
Gavin tried one more plea for reason. "Attention, all Pilots assigned to Runway 15! Please disperse so that Ground Crew can collect the debris! I promise all of it will be divided fairly!"
The radio crackled. "With all due respect, ATC - we've taken our lunch break! Ta!"
Gavin dropped his head onto the counter with a groan. "Ugh. Vivi, we are so getting fired."
"At least nobody was preparing for take-off when the gold dropped," Vivi muttered. "Can you imagine the reaction if some Karen was strapped to a saddle whilst her dragon went gold crazy?"
Gavin snorted. "It would've been the most hilarious PR nightmare in a century!"
"Damn right."
The radio barked again. "ATC, this is flight 5-14 from Argentum Vale - I was about to request permission to land, but it seems you have a bit of a situation on your hands?"
Vivi responded. "This is ATC, we read you, 5-14. Good to hear from you, Farriek. Landing Pad 5 is clear for your use - the situation at Runway 15 is mostly localised. Just give the squabbling youngsters a wide berth as you come in and you should have no trouble."
"Copy that. Might I ask what's got all the younglings in a tizzy?"
"Some joker dropped a few million in gold on the runway. You can imagine how that went. We offered to divvy it up fairly, but we couldn't really risk the ground crew-"
"All this for a bit of gold? They really ought to know better. Want me to handle it for you?"
Gavin cut in. "If you've got an idea, we're all ears."
"They just need a motherly touch. You might want to cover your ears. 5-14 out."
Vivi blinked. "What'd she mean by that?"
Gavin shrugged. "I think two of her own whelps were working today, but-"
The entire tower shook as a deep roar echoed from above - and again, as Farriek, five times larger than most of the young dragons on Runway 15 landed hard on the turf next to it.
"What sort of foolishness is this, wyrmlings?! Why, I should tan your hides to shoe leather!"
With a cacophony of panicked shrieks, nearly the entire throng scattered before her like oversized, startled pigeons.
All except two - both nearly mirror images of Farriek, who loomed above them with a ferocious expression of motherly outrage. The two smaller dragons cowered on the tarmac, huddled close to each other, wings folded tight with fear.
"Rasha. Mirri. Greenwing," Farriek growled, staring at one of them.
Gavin and Vivi winced with sympathy.
'Ouch,' he mouthed.
'The full name,' she mouthed back.
"Barrek. Mander. Greenwing," Farriek continued, turning her attention to the next unfortunate. "I am not mad. But I am very disappointed indeed. We will talk about this when we get home to our cavern." She lifted her gaze to look over at the pack of other young dragons, who regarded the spectacle with sympathetic terror. "And the rest of you! Flight Command, and your parents, will most certainly hear of this. Back to work, you're a disgrace to your scales, each and every one of you!"
The radio chirped. "ATC," came the chipper tone. "This is flight 5-14 - I had to make an unscheduled landing on Runway 15, but am now heading to Pad 5 as planned."
Gavin reached for the radio again. "Copy that, 5-14. Thanks for the assist!"
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2021.10.26 16:16 Escapetherace2space Can I get an id on this huge bird?

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2021.10.26 16:16 DrinkplentyMalk How easy it is to learn Irish as a second language?

I'm Irish, and I've always felt like learning Gaeilge could be fun... but as I've never actively tried to learn a language, I was wondering on how long it'd take and how challenging it would roughly be? I think it'd be fun to chip away at the skill, but if it's an extraordinarily challenging one then I'd probably choose something a lot more applicable/practical to start with.
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