Any females want to dominate me or get dominated

2021.10.26 15:25 Lazy-Perception4942 Any females want to dominate me or get dominated

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2021.10.26 15:25 SouthOk8933 Liliana Hearts ❤️ New Updated Free Onlyfans MEGA (Link in comment)👇📂

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2021.10.26 15:25 --UbiRock-- I subscribed in EA play in my Playstation account and i didn't get any reward in Fifa 22

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2021.10.26 15:25 SansTheComic147 I need help with minecraft redstone

ive tried asking the minecraft sub, ive tried asking people from discord, ive tried to do it myself. and i could not do it. please help me. pm me ur discord cause i dont usually go to pms on reddit but uhh i need help with a redstone door ive been tryna do
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2021.10.26 15:25 evolvesustain [Brazil] \ hearings on the BR-319 highway project: an attack on the country and Amazonia’s future

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2021.10.26 15:25 McAllik Myconids literally got a glow up

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2021.10.26 15:25 ModularLizard Any ideas?

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2021.10.26 15:25 uhhwhatamidoing123 so i was just searchin around and found this in my 1.18 world this rare? ill share the seed and cordinates if yall want to!

so i was just searchin around and found this in my 1.18 world this rare? ill share the seed and cordinates if yall want to!
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2021.10.26 15:25 jonmaddox Library Collections - Curate your movies or shows into their own related groups.

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2021.10.26 15:25 OriginalPNWest COVID-19 Numbers (10/26/2021)

Here are the numbers for 10/26/2021

Oregon Deschutes Co. Jefferson Co. Crook Co.
Cases yesterday 1527 121 35 21
Cases total 361260 20680 3795 2931
Deaths yesterday 23 0 1 0
Deaths total 4318 125 53 46
Vaccinations given 2804539 129780 13017 12000
St. Charles Total NotVaccinated Vaccinated
COVID-19 patients 69 55 14
ICU patients 10 10 0
Ventilator patients 7 - -
New cases each day since September 1: 211, 150, 155, 0, 0, 0, 402, 86, 152, 199, 0, 0, 407, 118, 184, 169, 127, 0, 0, 222, 80, 167, 184, 161, 0, 0, 306, 102, 204, 161, 147, 0, 0, 313, 99, 128, 70, 143, 0, 0, 272, 92, 104, 136, 85, 0, 0, 309, 72, 108, 125, 0, 0, 223, 121
Be smart and stay safe!
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2021.10.26 15:25 DigitalMemes Don't know if this was posted already but. Made by u/G3ngar2401

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2021.10.26 15:25 AntiAnimeMom I want to get rid of the carpet, but my boyfriend doesn't want to. How can we reach a compromise?

(By carpet, yes i do mean the carpet on the floor. Not the slang for something else)
We've lived in our house for almost 20 years and i've got the bug to do some remodeling. It still looks like a house from the 80's. Things are mostly running smoothly, we agreed on most things, like wallpaper. But there's one thing he won't compromise on whatsoever. The carpet. The entire place was carpeted, except the kitchen.
I want to get rid of it and replace it with some hardwood floors. Like it looks very tacky, it's an ugly shade of gray. Nobody has carpet anymore and it makes me very embarrassed when my girlfriends come over. Plus it smells and i have to vacuum it constantly. It traps allergens too and our son's started having congestion problems.
His only rebuttal? His parents had hardwood flooring and when he was 18, he slipped in spilled water and broke his leg really badly. He told me he needed a year of physical therapy, a wheelchair, and 3 surgeries to get back to normal. I told him to just be a little more careful and he got really mad. He said he vowed when he got his own place, he'd have carpet. Because "You can't slip on carpet".
This isn't a small thing for him, he's practically threatening to leave me if i get rid of the carpet.
What can we do? Is there any way we can compromise at all?
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2021.10.26 15:25 Ersnmrt My Story, Oil Paintings, Ersin Mert, 80×120 cm, 2020

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2021.10.26 15:25 evolvesustain Honeywell says its flow battery can meet utility sector’s 'core need' for long-duration energy storage

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2021.10.26 15:25 YHB_HamsTer226 Ps4 west- Class Cleaner 73% from the three,, need someone that can iso

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2021.10.26 15:25 premedsince2020 Need physician shadowing hours

Hi, I’m a junior and plan on applying this upcoming cycle in May. However, I cannot find any physicians to shadow. Both St.Mary’s and Piedmont are on hold until further notice. I fully vaxxed but am really desperate. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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2021.10.26 15:25 waldelb Question for Linux-Newbies: What are your experiences?

The goal is to figure out, what distributions have good experience for new users, in order to recommend them in the wiki of this sub.
Because the last attempt ended in chaos, I created two polls. One poll for the distribution you would recommend, one poll for the distribution you would not recommend.
Vote: What distribution would you recommend?
Vote: What distribution would you NOT recommend?
I hope, I didn't forget a distro. If I did forget one, please comment here in the style of the poll.
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2021.10.26 15:25 ghosthunter147 People of Reddit what was the scariest paranormal experience you've ever had???

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2021.10.26 15:25 Coding_Cactus Fun with Runspaces

So, I'm sure many of you have heard about Runspaces while looking up Powershell related things. I personally haven't actually sat down and used them for any of my scripts. I decided that I wanted to know what they were about and what I could do with them and I found some "fun" things that Powershell lets you do. Albeit some of these are considered very bad practice and some will outright crash your entire Powershell process if handled incorrectly.
Note: I'm by no means any kind of expert, I'm probably a few rungs higher than a script-kiddie and I'm not gonna pretend otherwise.
Before I get to the "fun" details I'll just mention the basics in case anyone isn't sure what I'm talking about.
Also, before we go further, I am 100% presuming that you are doing this in the ISE, VSCode, etc. and not just firing up a standard Powershell terminal. I did this in the ISE running 5.1 so I just want to make sure you're not hitting compatibility problems before trying anything.
Moving on, if you've ever googled Runspaces you've most likely come across 2 common things. The first being PoshRSJob and the second being an almost "standard" tutorial for Runspaces:

$Sync_Hash = [Hashtable]::Synchronized(@{}) $newRunspace = [runspacefactory]::CreateRunspace() $newRunspace.Name = "TestSpace" $newRunspace.ApartmentState = "STA" $newRunspace.ThreadOptions = "ReuseThread" $newRunspace.Open() $newRunspace.SessionStateProxy.SetVariable("Sync_Hash",$Sync_Hash) $newPowershell = [Powershell]::Create().AddScript($Scriptblock) $newPowershell.Runspace = $newRunspace 
Then, depending on whatever blog you found, you call $newPowershell.BeginInvoke() or add it to a hashtable with a "cleanup manager" to manage the runspaces so they don't stack up, etc.
Well, I decided that I didn't want to follow the PoshRSJob model in that I didn't want to use a runspace as a job. That is, I wanted a runspace to be useful for more than a one-shot command.
Enter stage right: Wait-Event It turns out the Wait-Event command causes the thread to be suspended. Now I'm gonna be honest, I initially had no idea what this meant and I played around with it for a while. I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something stupid like putting an infinite loop that will devour my entire available cpu. So if you're curious what's actually happening here you can look at the powershell source code for Wait-Event here. TLDR: It's calling WaitOne() and actually suspending the thread. And if you're curious what that does, here's the .Net source code for that. I found this info from this StackOverflow page
If you already know how to fire up a runspace and have it work normally, fire one up and set the scriptblock to this:
Wait-event -SourceIdentifier 'Test.Event' [console]::Beep(555,555) 
Now if you've got the runspace fired up you can do Get-Runspace and you'll notice that you have a new runspace named 'TestSpace' and instead of the 'Availability' saying 'Available' it says 'Busy'. Which it should only say if the script is actively doing something.
PS C:\Testing> Get-Runspace Id Name ComputerName Type State Availability -- ---- ------------ ---- ----- ------------ 1 Runspace1 localhost Local Opened Busy 2 TestSpace localhost Local Opened Busy 
So what do we do now?
Well, the runspace is currently "busy" and your computer hasn't beeped yet. The runspace is waiting for an event to happen before it can continue and actually beep for us. Now this is where some of the actual "fun" begins. You most likely already have used events before. You've done plenty of Register-ObjectEvent with $Timers and such. Well part of the initial problem is that the runspace has its own event manager going so what do we do?
In my messing around I figured out that we are actually able to interact with the events of another runspace. As long as we are able to access a variable containing the actual runspace we want to ineract with we can directly influence the events.
Here's the command you can run to Generate An Event inside the runspace.
PS C:\Testing> $newRunspace.Events.GenerateEvent('Test.Event', $null, $null, $null) #If you've done the "usual" hashtable/array for runspaces, this is the '.Runspace' property #Something like: $Runspace_List[0].Runspace 
Once you run that command you should immediately here the beep we've been expecting to hear. Checking Get-Runspace again will now show that the runspace has finished its scriptblock and the runspace is finally showing as 'Available'.
"Fun", right? Maybe not, but obviously we can have some fun with this. Before we introduce some the more fun scripts go ahead and dispose of the last runspace.
So we were able to create a runspace and have it wait for an event that we generated. To re-phrase this: We spun up a script that waited until it was told to continue. You can see why this can lead to more interesting scripting.
Enter Stage Left: The Forbidden Infinite Loop Do{}While() So now how do we make use of this? Well, there's a few tricks involved and right away this is going to look very "bad practice" and it most likely is. However, we're learning new stuff and "proper implementation" can come later. For now lets spin up another runspace except this time give it this scriptblock:
$bRun = $true do{ $Main_Event = Wait-Event -SourceIdentifier 'Test.Event' if($Main_Event.Sender -eq 'Stop'){ $bRun = $false } if($Main_Event.Sender -eq 'Get'){ $Sync_Hash.Event = $Main_Event } if($Main_Event.Sender -eq 'Beep'){ [console]::Beep(555,555) } if($null -ne $Main_Event){ Remove-Event -EventIdentifier $Main_Event.EventIdentifier } }while($bRun -eq $true) 
So first thing you'll notice is we've added in an infinite loop. Naturally you'd expect that that an infinite loop inside a runspace is a very bad thing. However after playing around with this I've found that this doesn't chew up resources due to the thread suspension essentially being a self-contained infinite loop on a lower level. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong, I love learning!
The second thing you'll notice is that there are some new if(){} statements. If you're familiar with how an event looks in Powershell then this will be immediately obvious to you. If not, that's fine, you can look at some guides online about how an event looks for Powershell. Simply running New-Event will give you a good starting point.
The if(){} statements checking $Main_Event.Sender are there as the "methods" that we are able to "call" through the Sender property.
#region IMPORTANT The last if(){} statement that calls Remove-Event:
This is there due to the way that Powershell handles its event manager. Any events you generate are automatically added to the built-in event queue. Meaning that the Wait-Event within the loop is going to wait until it sees an event that matches the source identifier.
This does not count as a registered event handler and as such the event does not get automatically removed from the event queue.
If we don't manually remove the matching event then the Wait-Event will fire over and over without further input and will not move to the next event in the queue, which is exactly what we're taking precautions to avoid.
If this happens you'll have to manually kill the runspace because now it will no longer respond to the 'Stop' that we send it.
#endregion Backing up to the "GenerateEvent" command. Using the previous command to generate an event inside the runspace we can have the runspace beep for us. Except this time, we can send the command again. And it will beep again! Then, we do it again. And again. You get the point. Lets look at the other parameters that I left as $null.
$newRunspace.Events.GenerateEvent('Source.Identifier', 'Sender', 'SourceArgs', 'MessageData') 
I've put a string in each of the other parameters to show what each one corresponds to in the Event Object that will be used for $Main_Event. So looking at the above scriptblock you can see we're checking one of the properties to do something else. If you actually run this command nothing is going to happen because the SourceIdentifier doesn't match the 'Test.Event' that we're waiting for in the runspace.
You see where this is going, right?
We've now got a runspace that is waiting for it to be told to do any number of things that we tell it to. Taking this basic template you can throw in functions inside your scriptblock, use the GenerateEvent() to tell it a specific string to look for, have it run the function. There are obviously lots of error checks that need to be done, validation, etc. however I feel like that doesn't really need to be explained here. Powershell holds your hand in a lot of ways and I'm personally thankful for it. But, there are some things where they will happily let you shoot yourself in the foot and I'm going to include one of them here.
I don't know any more theater jokes so: [ref] If you don't know what [ref] is, here's the microsoft doc on it: about_Ref
Skipping the basics of that doc and jumping straight to how this is relevant to what we're doing with runspaces. If you've heard of people saying something is "thread unsafe". Then, yea it can be, but that's part of what makes it "fun" here.
Short version: If you have a function inside your runspace that takes a [ref] parameter, you can pass a [ref] to the runspace through the event that you generate. Yes it works, but obviously there are lots of checks you need to do to make sure you're not breaking something. For example, creating a function in your main script that creates an event with a [ref]$Var and then tries to return the value of $Var can, in some instances, kill your entire Powershell process.
To see how this works for yourself, we're going to update the value of a variable
Here's an example scriptblock modifying the previous one:
$bRun = $true Function Set-RefValue([ref]$x){ $x.Value = "Hello!" } do{ $Main_Event = Wait-Event -SourceIdentifier 'Test.Event' if($Main_Event.Sender -eq 'Stop'){ $bRun = $false } if($Main_Event.Sender -eq 'Get'){ $Sync_Hash.Event = $Main_Event } if($Main_Event.Sender -eq 'Set'){ if($null -ne $Main_Event.MessageData){ Set-RefValue ([ref]$Main_Event.MessageData) } } if($Main_Event.Sender -eq 'Beep'){ [console]::Beep(555,555) } if($null -ne $Main_Event){ Remove-Event -EventIdentifier $Main_Event.EventIdentifier } }while($bRun -eq $true) 
So fire up a new runspace using this scriptblock. You should still see it as 'Busy' as we know it's waiting for a command.
Next, create a variable in your console. We're going to use it to show that this works surprisingly well.
PS C:\Testing> $a = "Testing" PS C:\Testing> $newRunspace.Events.GenerateEvent('Test.Event', 'Set', $null, ([ref]$a)) 
Assuming everything has followed suit up to this point, running that second command will have changed the value of $a.
PS C:\Testing> $a Hello! 
Personally I find the possibilities of this very fun!
As a side tid-bit: If you've ever looked at "async" and wanted it to work, well it can already with some legwork. More specifically: If you generate the event with the reference to $a, you can continue doing other things and $a will be updated "asynchronously" as long as $a isn't being actively used at the time that it is supposed to be updated. So you'd create a variable to hold the results of whatever function you're calling within the other runspace. Easy async return from a runspace.
Use Wait-Event inside a Do{}While() loop inside a $newRunspace to have the functionality of "event based programming" within your scripting. Allowing multiple runspaces to properly synchronize what they're doing by utilizing proper event management.
#Bonus Note: I don't personally condone doing this next topic, but it sure is something that "works"
Did you know that you can store a scriptblock in a variable? $X = {Write-Host "Hello!"}
Did you know that you can call a scriptblock that is stored in a variable using &? &$X
What do you get when you have a runspace set to call a scriptblock, regardless of what it was set to do?
if($Main_Event.Sender -eq 'Do'){ try{ &$Main_Event.MessageData } catch { $Sync_Hash.Error = $_ } } 
You get spaghetti code!It'sMoreFun!
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2021.10.26 15:25 noawaterbison Desperate for Normalcy

My story/doctor experience:
Hello everyone, my name is Noah. I just started perusing this subreddit today in hopes to find answers, and direction. This illness has impacted my life in every way imaginable, every normal daily task has become drastically more difficult, and it feels as though I have no quality of life.
I tested positive for COVID in the middle of November and experienced a smorgasbord of symptoms, none bad enough to go into the hospital though. I had dizziness, lightheadedness, head pressure, headaches, no taste/smell, and nausea. This persisted for probably a week or so where the symptoms were very apparent, and then after that week everything was better minus the taste/smell portion. It took probably another month or two for that two fully return.
After the having COVID initially and the symptoms going away, I maintained maybe a little bit of fatigue, but nothing super noticeable, I've always been someone who has had a lower level of energy, so I didn't think anything of it. Then about 5-6 months later I started developing symptoms such as heart palpitations, extreme fatigue, brain fog (most prevalent), and head pressure. These maintained for a month or so and then I started to develop severe dizziness/giddiness/lightheadedness, nausea, head aches, and pain in the right side of my throat/neck (this pain occurred periodically and would last from a few seconds, to a few hours at a time).
I'm not someone who typically chooses to go to the doctor, but my girlfriend (now fiancé) twisted my arm and forced me to go in and get checked out. My doctor thought that it could potentially be some sort of vitamin deficiency or thyroid condition. So, he sent me out to get the following blood tests: standard lipid panel, CBC (DIFF/PLT), comprehensive metabolic panel, and TSH w/ reflex to FT4. Based on this results he deduced I didn't have a thyroid condition. (I can provide specific numbers for these results if anyone is curious).
Next, he sent me to a cardiologist for my heart palpitations. They noticed that my heart skipped in an ultrasound they ran. I relayed this to my doctor, and he did not seem to be concerned with this. After this my dizziness/giddiness/lightheadedness/nauseous sensation got drastically worse. I went to an urgent care doctor who prescribed me antivert, and then my primary care doctor prescribed me a transdermal scopolamine patch. The antivert didn't seem to work for me, so I tried the patch, which I think slightly helped with that dizziness sensation. After getting off the patch I had pretty severe side effects such as eye dilation, nausea, and dizziness.
The day after going to urgent care I move about 2 hours south for a new job (long story short it's been very rough and is still hard trying to adjust to a new job during all of this). At this point my doctor schedules me to see a neurologist. The neurologist schedules me for a MRI, TCD, and EEG. All of these results came back fine, and he suggests it could me a heart condition since I am very light headed and don't experience the sort of dizzy spinning sensation. This neurologist also prescribed me for a medication to help with my headaches/head pressure (which I stopped taking because I thought it made me more dizzy, it did help with headaches though).
Upon the clear bill of health from the neurologist, my primary doctor thought it could potentially be an autoimmune disease and scheduled me for another set of blood tests. These blood tests were: Celiac disease comprehensive panel, SED rate by modified westergren, CBC (Includes DIFF/PLT), Vitamin B12/Folate Serum Panel, Lyme Disease AB W/REFL to Blot (IGG,IGM), and ANA Screen, IFC, W/REFL TITER and PATTERN. These results also come back fine, who would have guessed, ANOTHER set of clean blood tests.
Following these tests I had a really bad spike in symptoms where my heart would be pounding hard, and my heart rate would be going up and down, and skipping. This was also joined by extreme dizzy/lightheaded spells, chest pain, and the feeling of coming close to fainting. This went on for a few days, and I hoped it would just go away. However, it didn't so I made a trip to the ER. They did a chest X-ray, EKG, and some blood tests. The only thing they found was that in-fact my heart does put a bunch of extra beats in occasionally (they had a term for this I forget what). Following the ER visit my primary doctor put me on metoporal for my heart, and then modafinil for my fatigue. They both worked quite well, but now the modafinil really doesn't do much for me.
Then last month or two I began having semi-frequent ear pain, which he prescribed me an antibiotic and steroid for, which had no effect on any of my symptoms. I have been increasingly depressed recently, which may be caused by either this or another mediation. Anyways, I am now seeing an eanoes/throat doctors who has me getting some sort of hearing test, a VNG balance test, and an appointment with an eye specialist because of some involuntary eye movement he noticed.

My Symptoms:
The dizziness/fatigue/head pressure/Inability to Focus/Brain Fog is constant. The other only happen occasionally or are managed by a medication.
- Dizziness/Lightheaded: This is the symptom which I'd say effects me the most (I have a hard time explaining this). I don't have any sort of visual spinning sensation like with vertigo. It's more of an internal feeling of things being off. I feel like a pressure coming down on my head, and like everything is mixed up and spinning inside. My eanose/throat doctor described this as giddiness (unbalanced/lightheaded feeling). Which I think describes it well.
- Fatigue: My level of energy stays consistent from the moment I wake up to when I go to when I go to bed. I'm in a constant state of tiredness, it feels like I've just been awake for the past 6 months straight and haven't slept. Everything I do is just will power of knowing I need to do it, I never have the energy to want to do anything.
- Head Aches: These have actually mellowed out a little bit over the past month, however they still are pretty common. Typically they last the entire day, and are just a constant pain in the front of my head.
- Head Pressure: Warm pressure that I feel in the front of my head, which seems to go up into my eyes.
- Throat Pain: Sharp pulsating pain in the side of my neck/throat. The pain seems to come from a similar area to where you would check for your pulse in your neck.
- Ear Pain: Sharp achy feeling in my ear which goes radiates underneath my ear and down a bit.
- Heart Palpitations: Deep pounding feeling, with heart racing occasionally, then suddenly skipping and going very slow.
- Inability to Focus: I have a very hard time concentrating and thinking, this is especially noticeable when I'm trying to carry out a conversation with someone.
- Brain Fog: I can have a very hard time retaining information someone is telling me, and can have a hard time recalling words of common things. I also can have a very hard time thinking. Trying to think of new things to say during a conversation is very hard.
What Makes It Worse:
- Trying to focus on something up close
- Bright lights
- Physical Exercise
- Having to bend up and down
- Atmosphere with a lot of movement
- Stress
23 Years Old
180 Pounds
Relatively healthy diet, and prior to symptoms I was very physically active.
Diagnosed prior to this with IBS-M (Didn't include symptoms of this in post)
Work in Web Development/It/Digital Marketing Full-Time
Unvaccinated (Nervous of potential complications with my symptoms)
Medications/Vitamins I Take Currently:
Modafinil (100mg)
General Male Multivitamin
Vitamin C (1000mg)
Vitamin B12/B Complex (2000mg)
TLDR: I've been experiencing symptoms for the past 6 months or so, and doctors don't know what's wrong. Would love to hear some tips/advice of those of you experiencing similar things. Just want to find another avenue to explore. Each day I wake up hoping I will feel normal again, but at this point I don't remember what normal is.
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2021.10.26 15:25 NiekArends Myron met goeie inkijk

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2021.10.26 15:25 Torontobblit The history of Sillicon Valley: Funding for companies was U.S. MILITARY Financed. America is proud of this heritage but doesn't want China to do the same thing. Lol

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2021.10.26 15:25 AtlJayhawk What is NYE like in Johnstown?

My partner and I are thinking about visiting from Memphis TN for NYE. We have become somewhat obsessed with Johnstown after watching a bunch of YouTube videos that do a great job of showcasing your city.
We are 41f and 50m. No kids. We like architecture, cute downtowns, breweries, museums, abandoned places, dogs, camping, collecting records, hiking, small town USA, and restaurants. We are liberal (I know Cabria County is very conservative) He is a social worker and I'm a real estate agent/vinyl DJ/interior architecture student at UofMemphis.
We have an opportunity to take a short road trip around New years. Will the Xmas display dowtown still be up at this time? Any places you recommend we stay? The Airbnbs in the area are decently priced, so we'd probably do that unless we find a couch surfing host.
Please let me know if coming up there for a few days would be fun for us. We can always wait til spring or summer, but I'd love to see Johnstown during winter too!
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2021.10.26 15:25 OhHayThereU Ok Goodmorning my shibas letssss gooooo !! 😳🍀🚀

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2021.10.26 15:25 AuldewayArt Fanart of Sucrose I did a while back

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