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2021.10.26 15:06 pbh10793 Looking for some Intro Advice

Hey everyone! I’m pretty new to the whole Cryptozoological scene. Are there any websites, blogs, or forums you would recommend ? Hell even other subreddits!
Thanks ✌️
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2021.10.26 15:06 lulilapithecus So an immodest woman is in control of herself?

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2021.10.26 15:06 Tkhrnaj 【朗報】小学生さん、学校の教科書を全ページ自力でPDF化して、それが保存されてるiPadだけ持って登下校する [531377962]

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2021.10.26 15:06 MissLyss29 Macarons for a wedding shower

My Brother is getting married in March and as the maid of honor in his wedding my future sister in law asked me to either by or make her macarons for her shower. I have looked around and to by them is very expensive so I'm considering making them, however I have never made macarons before but have had experience baking plenty of other things such as cheese cake, cake, cookies, pie, souffle just to name a few.
My question is how hard are they to get to come out right? i have heard people say it's a toss up if they come out others say they had to practice so many times b4 they came out and some people get them to work the first time. Is making them even a vible option for me if I have never done it b4? Should I look into buying shells?
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2021.10.26 15:06 Hob3it I used 3000 years old Aztec, Mayan and Inca flutes to create a rainforest,any feedback is appreciated,kind regards.

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2021.10.26 15:06 SlayerDaJuggalo Courtney's In Trouble

Courtney's In Trouble It's been a good while since I've actually done a character review, so let's begin where we left off. This is gonna be quite the long review, since is the first character I've talked about to be in 4 separate seasons. Today we have the thicc lawyer herself, Courtney!
Courtney was a contestant who was introduced in Total Drama Island, and was put onto the Killer Bass team in the season. She's initially portrayed as a bossy, uptight kind of person, but she does change in character as the series goes along, which we'll get into later. Honestly Courtney's actions are probably some of the most memorable in all the seasons she is in.

Let's start off with Island, probably what I'd consider her best season. We see Courtney as this angry individual by times where she gets angry at people like Tyler and DJ in Phobia Factor, but we also see another side of her most notably when a certain relationship came around.
Put ya hands up, Courtney!
Duncney's gonna really appreciate this. But yeah, Duncan and Courtney. They're basically the definition of the phrase "Opposites attract", cuz while Courtney is initially a rule-abiding type of person, Duncan is a delinquent, allows breaking the rules because he feels like it. They start to show mild interest in each other in early episodes of Island (though Courtney will deny it) but everything comes together in the iconic episode, Basic Straining.
In the episode, Chef takes control of all the challenges while Duncan is doing everything in his power to basically piss him off, which gets Duncan sent to the boathouse as punishment. Courtney worries about him (while still denying her feelings for him) and after a conversation about why Courtney follows the rules, Duncan shows Courtney what it's like to not follow them and let's just say....I feel that Duncan's actions definitely affected Courtney's later ones, but we'll get to that.

Anyways, they kiss later in the episode and Harold sees this, giving him the idea to rig the votes against Courtney for Duncan's constant bullying. Now a lot of people ask "Why didn't Harold vote for Duncan? He would've got rid of the bully" which to that I always say: Duncan really didn't care that much for the game at the moment, given his constant pissing-off Chef routine during Basic Straining, so it does make sense as to why Harold chose Courtney over Duncan, given that the relationship just came to be, so that would hurt worse for him. Thankfully, Duncan and Courtney share a cute interaction before the episode ends. Also later on at Playa Des Losers, Courtney finds out that Harold rigged the votes against her, and later beats the shit out of him, so there's that.
Their relationship even continues in the finale of Island, where Duncan and Courtney argue about Gwen or Owen falling into the shark-infested water. Courtney eventually realizes that danger is "kinda hot" and they kiss one again. It's a weirdly wholesome moment in all honesty.

Courtney even begins to turn into another character in the Island special, where she relies on certain underhanded strategies to get the money and she even found out that Wawanakwa was near a burger joint the entire time.........which never appears again for some reason. Like, methinks that after Courtney discovered it, Chris and Chef just nuked the burger joint and replaced it with more wildlife.
Unfortunately at the end of the Island special, Courtney is one of the contestants that did not make it into Total Drama Action..........at least not initially. While she did appear in the Aftermaths for a couple of episodes, she eventually got back into the game in a surprising way that even shocked little old me.

In the episode Ocean's Eight or Nine, the Screaming Gaffers make it over to the bank heist challenge where the bank teller just so happens to be MR COCONUT, I mean Courtney! According to the show, Courtney filed a lawsuit to get back onto the show, which while is a bit of a scummy tactic, I like how Courtney came back and caused a whole bunch of shit to happen during the season. Though I feel that Courtney's inclusion was in part due to the fact that the initial Action cast had 14 characters so filling an entire 26-episode season would be hard to do without filling the season with reward challenges. Regardless, I like the fact that Courtney came back.....though some moments I have mixed feelings on.
As I implied earlier, this is where Courtney begins to change in character. Instead of just a bossy BITC who was focused on following the rules, she became a lot more mischievous. She even prevented herself from getting eliminated in Ocean's Eight or Nine, which resulted in the elimination of Owen because it was the only vote not for Courtney. She also played a hand in getting Leshawna eliminated, and a bunch of other things. However, there are moments where I do believe Courtney got annoying. For example, in Dial M for Merger, while everyone's scared that the building they're in is gonna explode, Courtney says that she'll only get the characters out if they split the prize money 50/50. Yeah Courtney, probably not the best fucking time to do that. The 50/50 split is even nixed at the end of the episode, making the whole thing seem pointless overall. And DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON "I WANT A PRIZE!!" I do like Courtney overall in this season, as her challenge game seemed to noticeably improve, but there are moments with her that I just can't stand.
Images you can hear
She eventually gets eliminated in Top Dog while in the final 4, due to votes from both Beth and Duncan, the former of which was due to a previous attempt at an alliance between the two. As for Duncan, he voted for her due to her...........*sigh* 32-page document about how to be a good boyfriend to her. Yeah, I'm not very fond of Courtney being this overbearing. It definitely isn't a part of her original character and probably should've been left out entirely.

Thankfully at the end of the Action finale regardless of who won, Courtney and Duncan get together. They do eventually file a lawsuit against each other in the Celebrity Manhunt special, but they make up before the lawsuit could go into place so yee.
Then we move onto World Tour, cuz Courtney was not a part of the search party with Geoff. She initially starts off her time in the season being really annoying with Gwen, always arguing with Gwen, however after Duncan quits the show she begins to become more tolerable.

Though during the first half of the season she doesn't really do anything that's TOO much of worth, but she definitely has moments of gold. I personally enjoyed a majority of the times she sung on the songs (minus Boyfriend Kisser which....we'll get to the subject of THAT song in a bit), which is probably helped by the fact that Emilie-Claire Barlow is a jazz singer with a bunch of albums under her name. The singing is good, that's all I gotta say.
But one of the big moments in the season is when Courtney and Gwen start to become friends. They do challenges together and even share stuff about themselves which I thought was pretty wholesome.........until the end of my least favorite World Tour episode, I See London.

This was the episode that introduced.......Gwuncan, the absolute worst relationship of the entire franchise. After Gwen and Courtney find Duncan and bring him back onto the show, Courtney at first scolds him for quitting like he did, but she hugs him and says that she missed him. Notice how Courtney and Duncan are hugging at this part, you're gonna wanna remember it.

Anyways, Gwen and Duncan kiss in the confessional the end of the episode, with Tyler being the one to witness it. Tyler tries to keep it a secret, but due to him being bad with secrets and an agreement to Alejandro, he ends up spilling the beans, leading Courtney to have a burning hatred for both, even acting irrationally at certain parts and trying to intentionally lose challenges to get Gwen eliminated which actually worked. This is one of the reasons I believe Gwuncan shouldn't have happened. If Courtney and Duncan broke up before the kiss happened, the relationship would be fine. I personally wouldn't have made it happen at all, but if it was something they REALLY wanted to do, they could've done it..........the problem is the everything.
See, they try to portray Courtney as the "crazy butthurt maniac" when she finds out about the relationship, which only gives me vibes that they're basically saying that cheating on someone is okay. Hell, Gwen even sneaks into the elimination room multiple times just to make sure Duncan didn't get eliminated, so it's clear that she had absolutely no remorse for kissing Duncan (except initially). Look I like Gwen overall, but this whole entire love triangle bullshit........didn't need to happen.

Courtney does a couple more things after Gwen's eliminated, like getting manipulated by Alejandro and other things like that. She's eventually eliminated alongside Blaineley in Chinese Fake-Out, which honestly should've just been a Courtney elimination in all honesty, cuz having Blaineley on the show for only 2 episodes was overall superfluous to the season. Though, Courtney does help Alejandro in one of the Aftermaths where she wins the best prize for him to use.
Duncan never uses soap
Then we make it to All-Stars, the latest season Courtney has appeared in (That isn't Dramarama). While this is my least favorite season, I do like the fact that Courtney is one of the main focuses once again.

Plus, there's even an arc where Gwen and her try to become friends again (even though Gwen's initial apologies were bullshit, but ay she got better as the season progressed) Seriously after Courtney and Gwen fight in Suckers Punched, they eventually come to an understanding and become friends...........or as certain people would like to think, lesbabs because there are plenty of moments of wholesome friendship between the two and some of which led to the Gwourtney ship........at least until a certain episode but we'll get to that, just you wait.
There's also another thing that happens with Courtney during All-Stars, and that's her relationship with Scott. I know a lot of people don't exactly care for this couple, but I could see it potentially working as a replacement for Duncan and Courtney: They have some pretty cute moments, they bounce off each other in funny ways, and it's nice to see someone who was reviled as Scott actually have someone like him..........too bad that along with the friendship with Gwen was swept under the rug in place of SUNDAE. MUDDY. MOTHERFUCKING. SUNDAE.
Now look, I'm normally the one to go against the popular opinion (hell, my 4th favorite season is Pahkitew) but like...........Sundae Muddy Sundae is as bad as people say it is. The entire episode just completely destroys everything that the season was building up, with Courtney who was shown to be on good terms with Gwen and Scott, out of nowhere making a fucking chart about who she wants to eliminate. Mal somehow finds out about the chart and shows it to everyone, leaving her as a target for elimination.

She does eventually try to convince Gwen to not vote for her, but Gwen says that Courtney has to vote for herself in order to gain her trust back..........which is kind of a hard thing to do since Courtney could very easily go against that request in order to stay in the game but whatever. Unfortunately, due to the episode essentially being a Courtney torture porn, she gets eliminated due to failing the challenge due to a stupid-ass "change of plans". Yeah fuck your mother, Chris. It's not even helped by the exclusive clip after her elimination which just shits all over Courtney even further. The episode makes Courtney a character you should feel sorry for, which is the opposite of what they were trying to do. Congrats, Sundae Muddy Sundae. Look I don't have any beef with Ed McDonald, as he wrote some episodes of All-Stars that were entertaining at least in my eyes, but this was just bad.
It's just sad that Courtney had to end on this note because she's a genuinely enjoyable character who could've had the potential to be great if it not for terrible writing. What else can I say except.........Praise be to the thiccest of lawyers.
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2021.10.26 15:06 Lower_Nature_7789 Should I be worried about blood in my stool?

I'm a 35 year old male, I have a horrible diet and have been dealing with an issue for the last year or so. Essentially whenever I wipe after using the bathroom, there is blood all over the toilet paper I use. I didn't go to the doctor for about a year of having this issue consistently because I just figured it was a hemmeroid or a fissure. However as of the last few days, every single time I wipe after using the restroom; the toilet paper I use is DOUSED in blood. Like completely soaked in blood just from contact with my bum. So I made a doctors appointment for a few days from now. Should I be worried?
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2021.10.26 15:06 HeyImJokar rare goTeem T

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2021.10.26 15:06 Dogcanplay What do I do in skyblock now? (just bored)

Just trying to find something to do so I don't die of boredom.
View Poll
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2021.10.26 15:06 koshism Connection Issues

Is the App down? Getting Network Maintenance Error. Anyone else?
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2021.10.26 15:05 worldnewsbot Sierra Leone Is The Latest Country To Abolish The Death Penalty

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2021.10.26 15:05 Andrei-Popovici davinci resolve is very slow

So i have a ryzen 5900x 32 gb ram 3600 mhz and a 3060 ti 8gb ...the problem is that in davinci resolve 17 when i aply any effect on my footage( full hd) my playback slowes drastically.. i dont know what s the problem, please help
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2021.10.26 15:05 snacksy13 VodChatDownload, a site for downloading VODs with chat

After seeing so many YouTube videos of clips without Twitch chat i tought to make that process easier for people. I would gladly take feedback on the site.
It's pretty basic right now, but i just wanted to create something that works. I am not making any money off the site, actually losing money on running servers lol.
Sorry if this post isn't within the rules, i don't wish to promote my channel or social media.
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